• Our Repertoire

    Ensemble Mirage has an extremely wide-ranging repertoire across all genres of classical music suitable for any venue; focusing primarily on the various combinations involving Clarinet-Strings-Piano. Below is a taste of what each flex of our ensemble has to offer.

    Programmes are tailor built for each concert venue. As well as offering complete evening programmes for each individual flex, larger flexes can also incorporate works from smaller flexes within a concert for even greater variety.

    For all booking and programme enquiries please contact us.

  • Trios

    Ensemble Mirage offers four different trios with a wealth of repertoire across almost every genre of classical music.

    Our Trios

  • Quartets

    Ensemble Mirage offers three quartet flexes, covering a wide span of recognised and lesser know repertoire. More unusual in instrumentation they have something unique to offer.


  • Quintets

    Ensemble Mirage offers three quintet flexes; from the traditional Clarinet Quintet and Piano Quintet, to the unique Clarinet & Piano Quintet bringing together all five of our founding members.


  • Sextets

    Ensemble Mirage currently offers two different sextet flexes, revealing hidden gems in the chamber repertoire. 


  • Septets

    Ensemble Mirage currently offers the 'The Beethoven' Septet flex, although other Septet combinations possible on request.


  • Octets

    Ensemble Mirage currently offers the 'The Schubert' Octet flex, with other Octet combinations also available on request.


  • We are especially keen to commission new works and transcriptions for the ensemble. We started this process during the SJSS Young Artists’ Scheme and welcome enquiries from composers to collaborate with us or any recommendations of little known works.